Our core values — Fun, Innovation and Quality — have helped us successfully redefine mobile gaming. After releasing such global hits as Cut the Rope and King of Thieves, we continue our search for unique, compelling and long-lasting player experiences.

Over the years, Zeptolab has created games in the casual and midcore genre spectrum. The audiences that we develop for range from the "5 & Under" category to grown ups that enjoy competitive gameplay. We are humbled to have been recognized by the Apple Design Award, BAFTA, Webby, Pocket Gamer Award, Game Developer Choice Award and the iKids Award.

  • Approach
  • Development
  • Promotion
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Own Your Game

Our mission is to help you create unforgettable player experiences. You reserve the rights to your unique IP all the way up to Global Launch, while we provide you with production assistance on a daily basis. We believe each project is unique and deserves special attention from our best professionals.

Drive Development

Our analytics, growth hacking and user acquisition teams will help you identify the best audience to develop for and the best time to go to market. In-house producers, art-directors and QA leads will consult you on how to achieve and exceed player expectations in terms of game quality.

Master The Market

Creating a great game can be hard, but marketing it can be even harder. Our audience is your audience, which is more than 1 000 000 000 players to date. Advanced cross-promotional mechanisms allow us to motivate over 50 million monthly active users to discover and download your game.

Go Global

We amplify global releases and updates with data-driven insights, localization expertise, top-notch promotional assets and precision SMM. The level of quality and innovation that is nurtured in our products results in regular featurings across major appstores.

What we are looking for


Innovation is the foundation of success. Your game should offer unique gameplay, tied to a combination of proven free-to-play practices.


Timing is key. Make sure your game is in Alpha/Pre-release stage. The project might also be considered if it has been discreetly released in smaller markets.


Be prepared for launch. We review all submitted titles, but only games in the final stages of development will be considered for publishing.


Great teams build great games. Talent, passion and discipline are the qualities that deliver the best results.


Our key publishing platforms are iOS, Google Play and Amazon. We prefer projects that have been designed and developed specifically for mobile.


Production Assistance

With the help of our production teams, your game will become a robust, market-ready product. We will guide you in setting up the in-game economy, enhancing UX & UI, optimizing performance, resolving technical issues and integrating necessary analytical, social and marketing toolkits.

Release Strategy

As soon as the product and marketing materials are ready, we will facilitate a gradual rollout of the game. Gradual release is important, since it helps identify and iterate the key issues at the earliest time possible. Once fine-tuned, the game will be considered for a global release.

Marketing Expertise

While finalizing the game, we will do the neccessary marketing homework: conduct multiple playtests with relevant, real-world players, test key appstore assets, create localizations and promotional materials and engage the gaming community prior to release.

Community Management

Once the game is live, we will manage the incoming streams of player feedback and reach out to the press and opinion leaders via multiple online outlets. This will enable us to identify future improvement opportunities and to effictively announce forthcoming updates.

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